Zebra Tales

David '23

Hometown: Pepperell, MA

Groton activities: The Grotonian, tennis, FabLab, Sustainability Committee, Groton Hax, clarinet

Most surprising when you first arrived at Groton: Sharing meals with friends and teachers. The opportunity to meet with my English teacher over an early breakfast or laugh with friends over a late dinner really made Groton feel like a home, cliché as it sounds. I will never forget sharing homemade cherry pie and hot chocolate with the Grotonian editors in Mr. Capen’s backyard.

Favorite class: English. While classes such as physics and calculus deserve no less praise (I've always enjoyed STEM), for me the unique aspect of the Groton English Department is how it re-nurtured my appreciation for writing in ways that I never expected. My teachers' helpful feedback, willingness to meet outside of class, and open-minded approach to literature have helped me rapidly improve my skill as a writer, reader, and thinker. I consistently look forward to English class for our engaging discussions and reading assignments. 
Most memorable Groton moment: Saturday nights in Fourth Form. Transitioning from a public middle school, I was delighted by the sudden excess of time I had with my friends outside of classes—early breakfasts, afternoons in the dorm, evenings in the Schoolhouse, and, of course, weekends. Saturday nights are the culmination of fun at Groton, a vibrant display of community as students relax and celebrate the end of a school week. I still remember playing volleyball under the bright lights of the Circle, or playing hot seat and freeze tag in the blanketing darkness of the turf. 

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  • My favorite people

    Senior Year Checklist

    26 days left, 7 to go.
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  • Times Square

    Made It Out the Group Chat

    Winter long weekend was anything but restful.
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  • 28 Questions

    “Name three Bollywood actors.” “What’s the third most popular sport in Jamaica?” “What does “leng” mean?” These were some of the questions that I faced on Groton’s annual Cultural Day.
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  • Thanksgiving Victory

    4 Railroads. 2 Utilities. Treasured Oranges. Infamous Browns. 1 Winner.
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  • Thai Food in Historic District

    Buses to Boston!

    In three hours, we had tried everything and yet done absolutely nothing. But that's what made Surprise Holiday so great.
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  • Bringing an Idea to Life

    I may live in Pepperell, but I grew up in the town of Groton. Whether I’m reciting Hamlet with my friends in the ruins of Bancroft’s Castle, exchanging book recommendations with the Groton librarians, or even finishing my first half-marathon down Main Street, small moments like these connect me to 11,000 people I’ve never met.
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  • A Rocky Ending

    The last couple weeks of spring term were a mixture of sweet and bitter, eventful and boring, gain and loss. As a Fifth Former, this past school year was unique in that the graduating class was just one year above me—a form with whom I’ve shared three years on the Circle and with whom I’ve created countless friendships and memories.
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  • Two Hours or Two Minutes

    I never thought I’d miss forty-eight hours in New York City for two minutes of speaking, but I guess that statement encapsulates the past couple of days—a balancing act between some of the most busy and carefree moments of my summer.
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